151 Finding Your Niche with Dan Gandee

Mortgage Marketing Expert

Nov 23 2022 • 34 mins

In this episode I have an engaging conversation with real estate investor and tech executive, Dan Gandee. We talk about Dan’s unique perspective on this market, how you can best position yourself in your market and the opportunities that exist even with high rates.

Episode breakdown:

02:40 - Is there an affordability shift?

04:15 - Dan’s market perspective

08:00 - "What" is as important as "how"

09:30 - Positioning in your marketing

12:50 - Dan staked a position on probate

14:55 - The biggest limiting belief

18:10 - Finding your perfect client

20:50 - 90% nurture & 10% "I wanna buy!"

24:45 - Opportunities in this market

28:40 - Opportunity with high rates

32:25 - Biggest blind spot for real estate & mortgage pros?

Dan Gandee is an active real estate broker, investor, and real estate marketing consultant. He owns two investment firms, a marketing agency, and serves as VP of Growth at a real estate technology startup based in the Silicon Valley. Dan has worked in all aspects of real estate and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising from Kent State University. His diverse experience includes ground up new construction, design & build, asset management, landscape architecture, TOP 0.01% real estate brokerage, and $100M+ real estate multifamily hedge funds.

“I’m still buying in this market, it’s the terms that I want. It’s good debt. Sometimes I want the debt more than the property…returns are my ultimate goal.” - Dan Gandee

Find Dan on Instagram: @OregonRealEstateExpert
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