188 Now is the Time with Kevin Peranio

Mortgage Marketing Expert

Dec 22 2023 • 42 mins

In this informative episode of Mortgage Marketing Expert, host Phil Treadwell invites guest Kevin Peranio to delve into the critical concept of market timing. As a seasoned industry expert, KP shares his insights on the common misconception of waiting for the "perfect" time to invest in real estate. They discuss how mortgage officers and realtors can effectively communicate to prospective investors and homebuyers that the ideal time to enter the real estate market was yesterday, highlighting the importance of taking action rather than waiting for the market conditions to align perfectly.

The conversation pivots around the idea that the second best time to invest in real estate is always today. Phil and KP explore strategies for educating clients about the benefits of immediate action and the potential cost of inaction. They emphasize that the real estate market, like any other investment market, is bound to fluctuate, but the long-term benefits of home ownership and real estate investment remain substantial. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to understand the dynamics of the real estate market and the role of timing in successful real estate investment.

Episode Highlights:

04:00 - The State of the Industry

09:00 - Stay Forward Focused

11:30 - “Timing” the Market

14:45 - The Best Time Was Yesterday, The Second Best is TODAY

19:25 - The “Starter” Home

24:05 - Playing the Long Game

26:55 - You Can’t Be Invisible

31:15 - The Seven D’s

38:00 - Incremental Gains

40:00 - Connect with Kevin: LinkedIn | KP Talks Dollars and Sense | YHTV Financial Freedom

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