184 Showing Up Consistently with Jake Fehling

Mortgage Marketing Expert

Nov 22 2023 • 37 mins

In this episode of the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast, host Phil Treadwell is joined by special guest Jake Fehling, the Chief Marketing Officer with Movement Mortgage. Jake discusses importance of consistently showing up for your customers and effectively marketing yourself through video as a mortgage professional. We delve into strategies and insights on how to build trust, establish credibility, and connect with clients through consistent video content, offering valuable advice for mortgage professionals looking to enhance their marketing efforts.

Episode Breakdown:

01:55 - Consistency is Key

03:45 - Marketing and Branding in 2024

07:15 - Why “Back to the Basics” is more than cliche

09:00 - The Power of the Camera in Your Pocket

12:30 - Determining Your “Pillar Content”

17:00 - “We Don’t Have to Boil the Ocean to Come Up With Something to Talk About”

19:15 - Using Content Creation to Deepen Local Relationships

26:40 - It’s All About the Reps

29:15 - Working Your Database

31:55 - Get Over Yourself and On Camera

36:15 - Follow @MovementMtg | @jakefehling

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