144 Navy Seal Leadership Skills with Charles Crouch

Mortgage Marketing Expert

Sep 27 2022 • 43 mins

In this episode I am excited to share a conversation with my new friend Charles Crouch. This recording is the third time we talked, after only our initial meeting and then our first attempt at recording an episode, which I failed to turn his microphone on for... He and I talk about the importance of failure in the path to success, the difference between managers and effective leaders, how to avoid time bombs in your life and business, and he even shares some cool Seal stories!

Episode breakdown:

00:00 – Intro

01:31 – Charles’s background

03:37 – People will say you can’t do it

05:29 – Have goals not just discipline

07:07 – Self-help books don’t work

09:49 – Diffusing time bombs

12:11 – Turn failure into success

17:04 – Breaking through the plateau

18:49 – Plans vs. strategies

25:19 – Surviving “hell week”

31:27 – Near death experience

34:33 – Writing a leadership book

37:42 – Slow down to speed up

41:03 – Stay consistent and persistent

Charles Crouch is a former Navy Seal turned Author & Leadership Development expert. He now leads Truth at Worktable bringing leaders in the workplace to a higher level of ownership. If you know him, you know he is genuine, real and in your face. He is a force for Faith and Righteousness, always willing to help guide others and known to be a Macgyver kind of guy.

In addition to being a former Navy Seal, he was previously a CrossFit gym owner & high-level security specialist. Serving in the military his heart quickly grew towards family, being a good leader and doing speaking engagements. His mission is to see others succeed. He wants to see the next generation, the next employee, not just live, but thrive in the life they’ve been given.

Learn more at: CharlesCrouch.com

Buy his book: https://a.co/d/16GXTMc

Connect with him on FB: Charles Crouch Facebook

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