152 Making the Damn Decision with Dustin Brohm

Mortgage Marketing Expert

Dec 5 2022 • 31 mins

In this episode, I’m joined by a close friend and business partner, Dustin Brohm. He and I chat about how consistency is so important for overall business growth, why your Instagram account is NOT the problem with your video views, and how to get rid of the excuses that keep us from being productive!

Episode Breakdown:

01:15 - Welcome Dustin Brohm

02:55 - “I decided to do an episode every damn week”

04:00 - How do you remove excuses?

07:10 - Doing the "thing" builds confidence

11:30 - Failing 70% gets you into the Majors

13:40 - You can be the CEO of your business

18:09 - Your Instagram account ISN’T the problem

25:00 - The endgame is to reach the RIGHT people

30:00 - The biggest blind spot for industry pros

Dustin Brohm is the host of the Massive Agent Podcast. He’s a member of the Broke Agent Media of and a National speaker on real estate marketing & lead generation. He has spoken at Inman Connect, Gary Vaynerchuk’s Agent2021, HousingWire, and more. Dustin is also Realtor w/ eXp Realty in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dustin’s podcast: massiveagentpodcast.com

Dustin’s Instagram: instagram.com/massiveagent

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