S1E12 Datalore: The One in Which Data Gets a Widdle Brudder

Redshirt Collective

Jul 20 2022 • 1 hr 49 mins

Star Trek: The Next Generation analysis of season 1 episode 12 (Datalore) In an episode so wonderful it's as if it was plucked fully formed from Nic's head, today we revel in the pure joy that is Datalore - an episode that is BOTH Data- and Wesley-centric. Whoowee! Datalore hits on several deep topics while dancing along a delicious camp edge. We explore the episode's themes of found vs biological family, are we ever really known by the people around us, correct pronoun usage, ageism, neurodivergence, and more! Resource: https://www.instagram.com/p/CZW5nv0OJ6Q/ (@startrekmemes_ Instagram post) for Nic's dad joke. Support the Show!Financially support us on Patreon! You'll get access to rad merchandise and bonus content at https://patreon.com/redshirtcollective (https://patreon.com/redshirtcollective) Follow us on Instagram to enjoy our juicy episode-related memes at https://instagram.com/redshirtcollective (https://instagram.com/redshirtcollective) Share us with others by leaving us a review on iTunes or your preferred podcasting app, sharing us on social media, and/or recommending us to friends!