Exploring the CFO Trifecta: Finance, Strategy, and Leadership with Kapil Mehta

CFO Weekly

Dec 13 2022 • 42 mins

The CFO role has evolved dramatically over the last twenty years. It's no longer just about finance, accounting, and FP&A, modern CFOs are also strategic partners with decision-making responsibilities. To get a deep understanding of what the profile of a modern CFO looks like, we invited on Kapil Mehta, the CFO and COO of Allied Digital Services. Kapil talks to us about cybersecurity risks, education for CFOs, and the challenges of managing a large team. Kapil is a certified Chartered Accountant in India, and achieved his CPA, CGMA, and MBA from the United States. Before joining Allied Digital, he worked in the pharmaceuticals, textile, manufacturing and hospitality industries. Kapil has over twenty-five years of experience in business finance, corporate governance, strategic matters, M&A, risk management, measurement and operations, and is passionate about adapting the latest technologies to generate business efficiencies. In this episode, we discuss: -How to combine and manage finance, strategy, and leadership roles -How has the CFO role evolved over time? -Transitioning from finance to operations and strategy roles -Financial leadership in various industries -The importance of prioritizing cybersecurity -Managing a large team to develop a culture for success -Cash flow and accounting for business growth opportunities Presented by Personiv https://insights.personiv.com/cfo-weekly