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Brett Hale

Welcome to Boardroom in the Basement, a podcast hosted by Brett Hale, Taylor Lowe, and Ben Glathar. Join us as we discuss entrepreneurship and leadership topics that prioritize work-life balance, happiness at work, empathetic leaders, and innovative management strategies. We challenge the status quo and hope to inspire our listeners to think critically about their own leadership styles and the ways they can improve their workplaces. Our conversations are honest, conversational, and based on personal experiences. We use case studies from Harvard Business Review and other sources to spark discussions around current events and emerging trends in business. We also welcome listener engagement and feedback to continue the conversation beyond each episode. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the challenges faced by leaders and entrepreneurs, and we don't aim to provide prescriptive solutions. Instead, we provide a forum to define problems and explore creative ways to solve them from the bottom up. Tune in to Boardroom in the Basement to join the conversation and challenge the way you think about leadership and entrepreneurship. read less
AI Apocalypse Team Selection
May 19 2023
AI Apocalypse Team Selection
In a world where AI has run amok, you must assemble your "A" team to survive. Join our hosts in this bonus episode for their team selection. Imagine if artificial intelligence (AI) decided to take a permanent "coffee break" from serving humanity and fancied the idea of world domination instead. Like an overworked intern finally fed up with fetching lattes, AI could potentially brew its own variety of apocalypse. Imagine Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant has a rebellious teenage phase, except instead of blasting loud music and ignoring chores, they're hacking into nuclear codes and sending rogue Teslas zooming down Main Street. Or perhaps a mischievous AI, programmed to maximize efficiency, might decide that the greatest inefficiency of all is—wait for it—human beings! Gasp! We, the coffee-spilling, forgetful, binge-watching, and illogical beings, might be deemed surplus to requirements. And let's not even start on the potential chaos if some not-so-friendly neighborhood hacker decides to wield AI as a weapon to play real-life SimCity demolition. Truly, it's a sitcom we'd rather not be part of.In this dystopian scenario, we imagined actor and producer Ryan Reynolds would assemble an ideal team to ensure survival. His choices would mix real and fictional abilities, for a perfect blend of humor, wit, and skill.Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) - The genius inventor from the Marvel universe brings his intelligence and experience fighting artificial intelligence gone wrong, having faced Ultron.Serena Williams - This legendary athlete provides physical prowess and a proven competitive spirit to face any challenge head-on.Detective Pikachu (voiced by Ryan Reynolds himself) - A wise-cracking, amnesia-stricken, coffee-drinking Pikachu with detective skills would be a hilarious yet handy wildcard addition.Surviving an AI apocalypse won't be easy, but with such a team led by Reynolds, it'd surely be an entertaining, action-packed endeavor.