Making a Business

Being Boss

Making a Business from Being Boss is a podcast about starting a business from scratch. Follow along as Emily, co-host of Being Boss, launches her new maker and retail business and shares the struggles and strategies, tools and tactics that she's using to make it work.
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Making a Business Season 3 Trailer
S3 E14: Full of Sh*tMaking a Business Season 3 TrailerS2 E6: Building a BrandS2 E5: The Dark Side of Product BusinessS2 E4: Sourcing + Curating ProductsS2 E3: Growth OpportunitiesS2 E2: The Most Important IngredientsS2 E1: Failed PartnershipMaking a Business Season 2 TrailerS1 E5: How the Life-Hustle affects your businessS1 E4: Business is a Money Game (but also a life-long passion game)S1 E3: Find Order in the Chaos (with Habits + Routines)S1 E2: The Boundaries that Give You the Space to GrowS1 E1: It's all about VALUES1 Intro: Back to Product