Tidbit Tuesday - What is a Creative Career?

Creative Innovators with Gigi Johnson

Feb 23 2021 • 3 mins

Today starts the first segment of Tidbit Tuesday, which brings in parts of the Redesigning Your Creative Career program from NextCareer.me.

What is a Creative Career?

What are we talking about when we throw around the term “creative career”? This could be having a traditional career in a creative industry, or it could be doing something that has creativity in the actual job. In terms of being different from non-creative careers, they tend to recruit differently, and often you can build your career differently. They tend to be both skill and relationship orientated, but don’t fit in nice little square boxes. As a result, there is often a lot more freedom which, in turn, can make it a more complicated career path to navigate on your own.

Take a moment for some reflection. What are some differences that you anticipate or have experienced when navigating a creative versus a more traditional career path?

And "see" you Thursday for our next guest on Creative Innovators.

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