Brown Ambition

Mandi Woodruff & Tiffany Aliche | Cumulus Podcast Network

Winner of The Webby Award, Brown Ambition helps you unapologetically build wealth by saving, investing and making smart career choices — on your own terms! So join personal finance expert and journalist Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche, an award-winning financial educator and author of The New York Times bestseller "Get Good With Money." Published Wednesdays and Fridays. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Brown Ambition podcast is a financial education and business-focused podcast. Anyone interested in career progression and entrepreneurship may find an engaging listen here. It explores topics like personal finance, business development, and entrepreneurship. The podcast has all the hallmarks of a standard business podcast but offers even more. It addresses issues like self-love, being female and Black, and raising kids. The content is engaging and relatable for a variety of listeners.

Hosts Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche are financial champs in their own right. Together, the duo makes a formidable team. Mandi created MandiMoney Makers, a leadership and career community for women of color. Her writing and financial prowess are evident on the podcast. She has written for publications like Business Insider, The New York Times, and Yahoo! Finance. Tiffany, aka The Budgetnista, is a financial educator and cofounder of The Live Richer Academy. Her book, Get Good With Money, discusses some concepts addressed on the podcast.

The cohosts make building wealth an attainable goal on the Brown Ambition podcast. They do it by sharing proven methods used by the best businesses around. It takes skill to simplify complex business jargon and processes, and these women have it. Their storytelling, teaching, and inspired conversations blend into an informative and enjoyable show. The variety and texture of the exchanges enhance the podcast. Mandi and Tiffany encourage listeners to send in their questions. They discuss the questions, addressing issues like mental fatigue, work-life balance, and dating.

The podcast hosts provide business insight and best practices while sharing about their lives. It's not all "business" for these women. The hosts of Brown Ambition know how to make money and how to have fun. They inform their listeners with new episodes several times a week.

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