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Just Between Us is a comedic variety show where Allison Raskin and Gabe Dunn openly discuss everything from mental health to sex and all the stuff in-between. Each week, they’ll answer a question from a listener seeking advice, interview someone fascinating, participate in a rarely winnable game show and discuss a random topic affecting the world. Jump from highbrow to lowbrow in a single episode! Sometimes multiple times! Nothing is off limits for these New York Times best selling authors who are trying to destigmatize the world one hilarious episode at a time. Produced by Forever Dog Podcast Network. read less

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Just Between Us is a podcast for anyone interested in relationships and brutal honesty. Whether listeners are currently coupled up or single and searching for a connection, this show has something for everyone. The podcast is a candid conversation between two best friends: Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin. They talk about sexuality, pop culture, life's weirdness, and more.

Every week, Dunn and Raskin interview experts, regular people, and comedians. They talk about the ups and downs of relationships. These besties and their guests cover everything from dealing with awful breakups to what to do when their sex lives fail. But it's not all serious talk; the show features plenty of hilarious real-life stories. They also offer advice and perspective on listener questions.

Each episode lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. The show began in February 2019 and has covered a long list of topics and questions. Guests have included Gayla Turner, Demi Burnett, Jake Hunt, and Catherine Baab-Muguira. The topics include mental health, parenting, vegetarianism, LGBTQ life, first impressions, and family loyalty.

The genuine connection between the hosts sets this podcast apart from others. They are completely candid with each other. Their banter is often as entertaining as the topics they discuss. They offer relatable stories, helpful advice, and lots of laughs along the way. Audiences can enjoy weekly episodes of Just Between Us on Amazon Music.

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Midwifery and Conception with Liam Kali, Being There For A Young Relative and Compromise
Dec 21 2022
Midwifery and Conception with Liam Kali, Being There For A Young Relative and Compromise
tw: mentions of dying/depression in the intro, ableism in the IQ Transcription: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h-ofhpXbsNnjpz5N5_KrGEgCVj9d9zWrIL8shvzqwLY/edit?usp=sharing Allison is a winter, Gaby is a summer. And they each have problems with the other season's clothing options. Old Navy, please sponsor us. First, the duo answer a listener's very kind and thoughtful question about how to be there for a younger relative in crisis without overstepping their bounds. Then, midwife and "Queer Conception" author Liam Kali joins the podcast for a life-affirming conversation about the differences between a midwife, an OBGYN, and a doula, the specific gender and sexuality needs of queer and trans fertility and pregnancy, and how to make childbearing more comfortable and inclusive for everyone. Plus, is it bad to keep your kid who won't go to bed up all night using an air horn? Gaby says no. This game of Hypotheticals has DEPTH. And finally, compromise. Allison talks about flexibility in relationships, Gaby exposes their dad's silliness around name changes, and Melissa stands her ground better than either of them. This has been a Forever Dog production  Produced by Melisa D. Monts Executive produced by Brett Boham, Joe Cilio, and Alex Ramsey.   To listen to this podcast ad-free  Sign up for Forever Dog Plus at foreverdogpodcasts.com/plus   Check out video clips of our podcasts on Youtube at youtube.com/foreverdogteam And make sure to follow us on Twitter, instagram and Facebook at ForeverDogTeam to keep up with all of the latest Forever Dog News Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices