Make Do and Mend?


Is the modern world making us depressed? ‘Make Do and Mend?’ takes a deep-dive into the opposing lifestyles of vintage vs modern, and why more and more people are choosing to live like it’s the past. It will question what makes people want to escape the modern world, and which lifestyle is kinder to our planet.

I once found a genuine 1940’s oil lamp in a charity shop, and by the time I got to the check-out I was shaking so much that I couldn’t pull my card out of my purse.

My name’s Hannah, and I am a self-confessed vintage nut.

Growing up, I was raised in an environment of Saturday morning charity shop crawls, and Sunday afternoon’s watching war films with my grandpa, and so I was pretty much doomed to love all things old. Now, as an adult, I struggle to understand the appeal of a modern and minimalist lifestyle, but I am willing to risk being converted so that I can find answers to two big questions: why do people want to escape the modern world? And which lifestyle is better for our planet?

In a series of candid and unfiltered episodes, I will be throwing the lid off society’s mental health and the rising need for escapism. Will I be convinced to move with the times, and ditch the antique furniture for flat-pack, or is vintage here to stay?
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