The Work Seminar

Jesse Butts

The Work Seminar is the podcast for people with liberal arts advanced degrees considering work outside their fields of study. Join me for unscripted conversations with MAs, MFAs, PhDs, and the like who made the leap to adjacent or (seemingly) unrelated work after grad school. You'll hear about life's unexpected turns, what guests have learned along the way, their thoughts and advice for finding enjoyable work, and work's role in their lives.
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A Sneak Peek into The Work Seminar
Ep. 5: Christina Olson Hendrickson - MA in Public Address Turned Content Marketer
46 mins
Ep. 4: Lizz Gardner - MA in Writing & Publishing Turned Higher Ed AdministratorEp. 3: Candi Harmon Kruse - MA in Social Sciences Turned Sourcing Professional
Nov 17 2021
43 mins
Ep. 2: Dave Smyth - MA in Jazz Studies Turned Web DesignerEp. 1: Gillian Rosheuvel - MA in Writing & Publishing Turned Content Strategist
Nov 3 2021
49 mins
A Sneak Peek into The Work Seminar