In Memoriam (2022)

Creamed Corn And The Universe - A Twin Peaks Podcast

Jul 3 2023 • 1 hr 35 mins

For my final episode of the year, Emily of The Twin Peaks Tattoo Podcast, along with Ben & Bryon of Twin Peaks Unwrapped, Mya McBriar, Anita Rehn, AM of 1400 River Road, Pamela Tarajcak of Between Two Worlds, Adam Stewart of the Diane Podcast, Scott Ryan of The Blue Rose Magazine and Kaity McAllister all join in to honor those who we lost throughout 2022.

We lost so many wonderful and talented people this year, many of which just in December no less and I am proud of what everyone has put in. Many of these are extraordinarily moving and shows that now matter how many or few episodes they were all a part of, they each found ways to bring something truly special to Twin Peaks one way or another.

This is my last episode of the year and also will be taking a break for a couple months from releasing episodes. Looking forward to when I can return and start up in 2023. Until then, hope you all have a wonderful new year.

Originally Published on 12/31/2022

The Twin Peaks Tattoo Podcast by Emily Marinelli:

Twin Peaks Unwrapped:

Mya McBriar:

Anita Rehn:

1400 River Road:

Twin Peaks Between Two Worlds:

Diane Podcast:

The Blue Rose Magazine (& FMP):

Kaity McAllister on Instagram:

"The World Spins" by Luca De Paoli was used for my intro and outro of this episode

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