Rowan Gabrielle (Part 2), “The Age of Consciousness: Surfing the Disruption”

Sacred Commerce

Feb 20 2023 • 1 hr 13 mins

In this context-setting continuation of the conversation with Sacred Commerce co-founder and co-author Rowan Gabrielle, we explore the themes she and her late husband Ayman Sawaf present in the short book, “The Age of Consciousness: Surfing the Disruption” — which you can experience as a 20-minute video at

Publisher Immanuel Solas hosts this dialogue, exploring how humanity has evolved… from the Stone Age, to the Bronze Age, all the way to the Industrial Revolution, the Information Age, and now into the Age of Consciousness. In the transition from age to age, the past has to die to make space for the new. Thus the chaos and disruption you see all around, as all our paradigms are shifting.

Rowan sheds light on how this time we are able to use Emotional Alchemy to go through the transition consciously, and co-create a new world. Humanity is in labor, the age of the caterpillar is over, humanity is becoming a butterfly.