E#000 - 'Lobstah', shoe shine box and being fired for doing a good job!

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Jan 3 2021 • 24 mins

Welcome to the first episode of the Trading Secrets podcast. I’m your host Roger Magalhaes, and for today’s episode I want to introduce myself, let you know  what this podcast is about, and why I decided to create this show.

Originally, I am from Brazil, but now I am based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. I believe I was born an entrepreneur. When I was little, I would pull my shoe shine box around the neighborhood asking everyone I saw if they needed their shoes shined. I attended vocational school at 14, learned a profession, and would work and attend school at the same time. When I was 19, I went back to vocational school and learned robotics. My first job in the USA was washing cars, but I immediately knew it wasn’t enough for me.

After some training and searching, I was able to become a truck driver, which eventually led to becoming a vacation driver. That meant more money, but it also meant being on call 24/7. Four years later, I bought my house and renovated it by myself. Once the remodeling was finished, I realized I missed working with my hands. My cousin worked as a subcontractor installing window  coverings, so I shadowed him for one day and knew it was for me.

Now, after working hard and learning everything I could, I own my own business, I’m a columnist for Window Fashion Vision Magazine, I am the installation instructor for the fast-track program at WFCP, and a board member of the WCAA. In September of last year, I started my second company: Trading Up Consulting. I hope that through this podcast I can raise awareness of my trade, educate newcomers, and build a strong community.

To learn more about me, my background, and my goals within this industry,head here.

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