E#001 - If you are afraid of money, money will be afraid of you!

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Jan 20 2021 • 10 mins

When I first started my company in 2006, I planned on creating a giant company with fleets of vans and employees who worked while I counted money and lived the American dream.

I got to a point where I had 2 vans and 3 guys working for me, but I would get calls from clients saying they would rather have me come out and do the work. My guys did good work, but they would sometimes leave a mess or leave things out of place.
I didn’t like getting those calls. So, I started thinking about how I could better control the installation environment. I could do all the work myself, but then I’d have no time to grow the company.

Ultimately, I decided to increase the dollar ticket amount on my sales. How? By selling a better product, like an upgrade to go along with the sale.

Products like remote shades have been increasing in popularity as technology becomes more accessible. Don’t be afraid of these products! You can learn about them and ask those who do know about them for help. There are 3 main problems in our industry right now that are preventing people from making money, which I’ll explain in even more detail in the episode.

The first is that custom shades are still an expensive product. However, don’t be afraid of telling your customers the cost. Your job is to offer the best options available to your customer.

The second problem is that dealers don’t have the necessary knowledge to sell these types of products, meaning they avoid selling them.

The third problem is that there are not enough qualified installers. I urge you to try out the product for yourself and learn about the process.

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