E#017 - Room for Improvement in the Window Fashion Industry

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Dec 15 2022 • 9 mins

You might just be starting out in the industry or maybe you’ve been in business for decades. Nonetheless there is one common feature for all successful companies, regardless of size or years in business. And today, we are going to leverage this feature to help your company thrive in 2023.

Before we dive in, we have some exciting news regarding the Trading Secrets Podcast! On top of the audio version that you are familiar with, I will also now be recording the show on camera to be uploaded on YouTube.

If you are in the car or at the gym, the audio is a great option. However, YouTube is a great way to be discovered all over the world and our main goal here is to spread the word about becoming a top notch installer, right? So, the more ways we can do this, the better. And as a bonus, you will have some visuals along the way!

You can find a link to our Youtube channel below!

On today’s episode we are sharing another real life situation where the provider made some small mistakes that made a big impact on the customer.  How we can apply these mistakes and fixes to our own businesses, and why doing a GREAT job the first time matters but keeping up the good work every single time is KEY in any successful business.

To learn more about me, my background, and my goals within this industry,head here.

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