Encore Darkness and Light

Authentic Living

Jun 29 2022 • 57 mins

There's just so much out there about living in the light, living into worthiness, living into goodness, that we dismiss the value of the shadows, the darkness. We think that darkness implies evil. But we miss all the beautiful silence, the amazing mystery of darkness. And we miss the beautiful gifts that are given to us when we walk through the darkness in our lives. Somehow we've come to believe that we should live lives completely divest of darkness--that doing so makes us good people, even proves our worth. So when the darkness comes--as it will--we tend to think we must have done something wrong, and then we add shame to the problem. But like the light, the darkness equally has gifts to give us. Let us, then, explore the gifts of the darkness--bring them into the light. You don't want to miss this one.