I Scream

The Retrofuturist Chronicles

Dec 22 2020 • 18 mins

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Aunt Natalie implores Miranda to give back to the world by volunteering for a research study on ice cream headaches and the adolescent brain. Once at the hospital for an fMRI, Miranda is overwhelmed with the intake form, noting that she can download her video game scores from wherever she can get a signal, but her complete medical history has to be provided manually.

Aunt Natalie recounts an incident with a Tajik chemist who operated a lab from a yurt in central Asia to create a “smart pill”. Her story distracts her niece right up until the doctor tells her that she must choose between garlic- or fish-flavored ice cream for the research study.

The episode concludes with SAP executives discussing the value and importance of analyzing and using patient data, as well as innovations around personalization and privacy concerns.

Produced by SAP.

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New season coming early 2021!