Is the Sportzball being influenced by the Video Games?

Null Point

Aug 1 2022 • 1 hr 48 mins

The intro song is Dusky Sky by Tom Atom, please find them on Soundcloud!\_atom

The topics we talked about…looosely.

- I went to St. Louis.
- F1 Manager from Frontier.
- Warframe….there’ a new game coming from the same dev.

- Changes to ball and sticky stuff.. Possible changes to basepath, pitchclock.
- F1 allowing for under car downforce.
- This feels like video game adjustments, is it the same style?

Games you played?
- Atelier Sophie - Jaelights
- Learning to like crafting
- Modded Minecraft - Cejic
- Veg out game
- Frostpunk - Jaelights
- Strategy of attrition
- Stray - Cejic
- World is good buuuuuut…design. Chase sequences….are more difficult than chase sequences in a horror game.