Ramblings on the Meaning of Game Difficulty

Null Point

Sep 6 2021 • 2 hrs 5 mins

Music is Dusky Sky by tom_atom - Check them out on Sound Cloud!  They are awesome!  https://soundcloud.com/tom_atom/dusky-sky


  • Finally set the darned podcast up entirely…

Music Stuff

  • Behringer died, buying cheap gear has its risks.


  • Magic The Gathering ends tournaments on software as well.  Might bring it back later.
    • Just cancelling them has a detrimental effect on local shops perhaps
  • Local Metagames is cool!?


  • Star Citizen looks like a mess, issues with Kickstarter
    • CJ got in on the ground floor, neven managed to log on
  • Why aren’t space games anything like space?  Fer realz?
    • Universal Sandbox
    • KSP


  • Hiring modders to help with tools for Cyberpunk 2077
  • FFXIV, new controller like riding a bike with the bars backwards
  • FF VI and CrossCode and I’ve missed stories. *
    • Story vs Tone vs Filler aka if the plot is about killing gods from the tutorial why am i gardening
      • Genshin
      • FFXIV
  • Jae likes Cross Code (and learning patience) **
    • probably a rebuttal on design principles of rewarding patience vs enforcing tempo
      • This is related to difficulty and things like Dark Souls 3 or Celeste or Hades
      • Oh, dashing is broken
      • Designs based off of old ideas that...may or may not have sucked.  Not thinking for yourself, etc.
        • If you’re not going to do it right, cut it.  Block and Parry, for example.