Perception is Most of the Problem

Null Point

Sep 19 2021 • 2 hrs 15 mins

Music is Dusky Sky by tom_atom - Check them out on Sound Cloud!  They are awesome!


  • How you doing?
    • Door Monster covers No Man's Sky
    • Got a drum machine, working on House Music - Jaelights
    • Painter’s Pets Update - Cejic
  • Games we played
    • Dirt 5 - They actually fixed it!
      • Hard is actually hard, Physics are much more consistent
      • ...but monetized more now
    • Umurangi Generation
    • Sumerians
      • Interesting idea, private v. public businesses
    • Yoku’s Island Express
      • Metroidvania/Pinball
      • Difficult to get it to work
    • Yakuza, like a Dragon.
      • Old School mechanics, Yakuza v. Mario RPG
      • Riding the line of silly v. serious in Japanese mafia dramas

  • Board Game Time!  Playing Root
  • Excited About
    • Gran Tourismo 7 and how I don’t want to buy a PS5 because I like my XBox Controller.
    • TroubleShooters
      • Super competent game that really isn’t getting enough attention.
      • Jae loves the characters and should play it more (Cejic likes them too).
    • Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl
  • Rambler:  KSP, Goodwill and the dangers of selective perception.