FL 009 - Forgiveness Removes Resistance with Jeremy Totino

The Rising Man Podcast

Aug 25 2022 • 1 hr 9 mins

“When I open my heart, the solution comes naturally”

The era of FORCE is OVER! As a somatic therapist, licensed massage therapist, and embodiment guide, our guest Jeremy Totino helps men break free from unconscious patterns. We identify the top issues holding men back - such as shame, codependence, and judgment -  and share how to move towards healing. Jeremy demonstrates the power of self-love and compassion through inspirational personal experiences in this impactful episode!


  • [04:12] Are loving and caring men seen as less masculine traits? How can we change that narrative?
  • [08:18] How reconnecting to his inner child led to Jeremy’s next evolution.
  • [13:28] What unique obstacles do biracial men face? How did Jeremy handle these challenges from a young age?
  • [20:11] What does ancestral and generational healing mean to Jeremy?
  • [28:30] How self love and compassion helps men heal shame wounds.
  • [33:32] Where do grace and forgiveness fit into Jeremy’s definition of manhood?
  • [39:29] How does codependency and validation-seeking behavior impact relationships?
  • [46:32] Why we’re victims of our own resistance.
  • [48:46] Jeremy’s most profound takeaways from his Compass Vision Fast with The Rising Man.
  • [55:01] Why softness and slowness are under-utilized energies.
  • [1:02:21] The power in choosing what your soul wants.
  • [1:05:30] Why love and self-trust are the pathways to freedom.

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