The Modern Manager

Mamie Kanfer Stewart

Host Mamie Kanfer Stewart shares practical approaches to help you be a great manager. Solo episodes are like mini-courses, providing actionable tips based on experience and research. Guest episodes are engaging conversations that elicit insights and suggestions for how to apply the ideas. Episodes features topics like: effective meeting practices, communication skills, managing conflict, team building, time management, group dynamics, goal setting and accountability, team competencies, productivity and collaboration technologies, organizational culture, and more.
182: Improve Your Executive Functioning Skills181: How to Foster Self-Directed Learning with Tom Tonkin180: Improving the Foundations of Management with Rachel Pacheco179: Free Your Time For What Matters Most with Dorie Clark178: What Are Executive Functioning Skills?177: Measuring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Your Team with Erica Lee176: Make Your Team Disruption-Proof with Brant Cooper175: A Manager’s Guide to Social Media with Bianca Lager174: Managing a Remote or Hybrid Team173: How to Engineer Success with Dr. Ron Friedman172: Change Behavior and Build Better Habits with Parneet Pal171: Tap Into the Power of Sparketypes with Jonathan Fields170: How to Hire Great People169: From Inclusion to Belonging with Josh Saterman168: Optimize Your Team’s Productivity with Erin Jewell167: Cultivate a Culture of Love with Mohammad Anwar and Frank Danna166: Engage in Healthy, Productive Conflict165: Have More Fun at Work with Dr. Bob Nelson and Mario Tamayo164: How to Effectively Partner with HR with Tracee Hunt163: (In)Civility in the Workplace with Robin Rosenberg