Ep 37 20 min Yoga Nidra with Bansuri Flute

Yoga by Nature Podcast

May 8 2014 • 21 mins

Hello, Namaste!

Here is a deep relaxation for you that I recorded at Penny Brohn Cancer Care in Bristol. Yoga Nidra is not just relaxation though, it's a journey into your consciousness - don't be surprised if you go into a waking dream state, this is very common and you may drift in and out of consciousness without being aware of having slept. There are some yoga nidras I have been doing for years and I am still discovering new bits I had previously slept through without realising!

Please be warm and comfortable, lying on the back is best although I have been known to do a yoga nidra whilst airborne or on the train/ bus. Pleeease don't listen whilst driving and please wait for 10 - 20 mins afterwards before attempting to use any machinery.

Please contact me with any feedback. My name is Morven and you can email me at communityyogabristol@gmail.com. Visit the website to find out more about classes, workshops and retreats that I am teaching: www.bristolcommunityyoga.co.uk.

Muchas gracias,