Produce Powerful Podcasts That Get Noticed

Aepiphanni Off the Cuff

May 11 2023 • 36 mins

Have you been considering starting a business podcast?

On this week’s episode of Aepiphanni Off the Cuff, Rick sits down with marketing and media expert Lee Judge to discuss all the ins and outs of running a successful podcast that will elevate your brand and strengthen your business.

Before starting his company, Content Monsta, Lee describes living parallel lives – doing corporate marketing and sales by day and working deep in creativity doing video production by night.

Today, he has combined both, bringing creativity and data analytics into one powerhouse business that helps executives and businesses produce podcasts, video, and content marketing.

Discover everything Lee Judge and Content Monsta have to offer. Learn how to leverage podcasts and other forms of media to successfully market your business in today’s episode of Aepiphanni Off the Cuff.

• About Content Monsta’s Unique Approach Combining Media and Marketing

• Why So Many Companies Are Getting into Podcasts

• 5 Mistakes Executives Make When Doing a Podcast

• The Ideal Podcast Length, Quality, Format, and Promotion

• How Executives Should Present Themselves on Video and Audio Podcasts