Talking 2 Tech Startups

Aepiphanni Off the Cuff

Feb 9 2023 • 48 mins

Brandon Rhodes and Navarr Grevious have both entered the hyper-competitive realm of tech startups, even though neither one has any background in tech.

Brandon’s app, Yumfox, is taking on the middleman and saving restaurants and consumers both time and money in the world of restaurant food delivery.

Navarr and his co-founders of Quikliq—a digital marketplace for beer, wine, and spirits—are helping small liquor shops deliver your favorite drink to your doorstep.

Both have taken very different paths on their road to startup success. Listen to this week’s episode of Aepiphanni Off the Cuff to discover their unique approaches to tech development, fundraising, investor shares, and what they would do differently if they were to start the journey all over again.

In this episode:

  • How to build a tech department as a non-tech founder
  • Learning the ropes of the tech startup world
  • The value of connections and relationships in business
  • Protecting your ideas with NDAs and people you trust
  • Working with co-founders and consultants
  • Is it important to find a co-founder with a technical skillset?
  • How to design an equity plan and distribute shares
  • What has fundraising been like for Brandon and Navarr?
  • What Brandon and Navarr would have done differently if they had known what they know now
  • The importance of doing market research early on
  • The moments they wanted to give up or thought they had failed
  • The importance of vision, and the grit and work necessary to bring your vision to life.