88 - Empowering Through Cred Dust - The New Currency of Leadership with Mitchell Levy

Leaders & Legacies

Apr 2 2024 • 36 mins

This episode of Leaders & Legacies dives deep into the essence of leadership, emphasizing the pivotal role of credibility. Mitchell Levy, a seasoned expert, shares his insights on how genuine compliments and recognition, termed "cred dust," can significantly enhance a leader's influence. He articulates the importance of integrity, both internally and externally, and how it intertwines with a leader's ability to be trusted, known, and liked.

The conversation further explores the transformational power of leadership when it’s anchored in authenticity, clarity, and the strategic acknowledgment of others' contributions. The dialogue underscores that today’s leadership transcends traditional command-and-control models, advocating for a more inclusive, empowering approach that celebrates the achievements of all team members.

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