Working at Woodworking

Roger Kugler

Turn your hobby into a profession or...discover a great way to ruin a perfectly good hobby! This podcast can help you evaluate ways to make money with your woodworking talents and knowledge. Side hustle or full-time, you can help your community solve their furniture,cabinetry and other woodworking needs.
EP 11 - Tools For The Pro Woodworking ShopEP 10 - Marketing Your Woodworking BusinessEP 9- Your Woodworking Shop Office
Setting up your shop office and managing all the unforeseen paperwork and ‘stuff’ that is involved in operating a small business can be daunting, but if you are well organized and dedicated to the small details you will do better woodworking and be more successful. You will need bookkeeping software, a word document, and maybe a spreadsheet program. You can ‘rent’ these by the month or get a FREE version to download on your computer. Using design software may be your style and there are FREE versions of that as well. We talk about FREE software for laying out parts on sheet goods and lumber to minimize waste. We even talk about FREE operating systems to replace Windows or MAC that can run on new or pretty old computers.  Links to websites referred to in this episode (unsponsored):https://www.act.com/blog/en/best-software-tools-for-small-businesses/https://www.profitbooks.net/top-free-software-for-small-businesses/https://www.cio.com/article/2380921/open-source-tools-how-to-run-your-small-business-with-free-open-source-software.htmlhttps://www.cutlistoptimizer.com/https://www.techradar.com/news/best-microsoft-office-alternativehttps://www.upwork.com/Working At Woodworking Podcast hopes to encourage and educate amateur woodworkers who dream about making extra income with their hobby or turning it into a full-time career. For more information or to support WAW, visit the website at https://www.workingatwoodworking.comHAVE A GREAT WOODWORKING DAY!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/workingatwoodworking)
Nov 19 2021
47 mins
EP 8- Your Woodworking ShopEP 7 - What To Sell: Products, Services or EDEP 6 - Financing Your Small BusinessEP 5 Banking, Insurance and Other StuffEP 4 Your Internet PresenceEP 3- Your Business NameEP 2- Who Can Turn Pro: Your ExpectationsEP 1-So You Want to Turn Pro?