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Just a few guys and a dog that want to live long and healthy lives. Kickback Science with Dr. Luke is an educational yet entertaining podcast where the team kicks back and breaks down the science related to the hottest topics in the world of health, fitness, nutrition and more.

Through engaging conversations and a chill atmosphere, "Kickback Science" aims to empower listeners with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the often confusing landscape of health and wellness. Whether you're a seasoned health enthusiast or just starting your journey, this podcast provides a simple, evidence-based approach to living your best life.

So kick back, relax, and tune in to "Kickback Science with Dr. Luke" for a dose of fun, informative discussions backed by solid science.

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Diet Series Matchup #2: Vegetarian vs Flexible Dieting!
1w ago
Diet Series Matchup #2: Vegetarian vs Flexible Dieting!
Welcome to another matchup of the Kickback Science Diet Series! This week's matchup is; Vegetarian vs Flexible Dieting. In this episode, we talk a lot about the research surrounding meat intake. Is meat good/bad? Is red meat better/worse? Why the nutrition industry has failed you when it comes to the interpretation of the literature, and some crazy stuff that seems to be happening behind the scenes within the industry itself.We also talk about flexible dieting. How it works/doesn't work for some people, and how you could potentially utilize the approach to meet your dieting goals.And of course, we pick a winner at the end of the matchup, which is entirely based on the available evidence suggesting benefits/risks of the various dieting approaches.REFERENCES:7th Day Adventists study on meat intake: THE OH SO CLASSIC 2012 RED MEAT AND MORTALITY PRESS RELEASE FROM HARVARD!!! of different types of meat on CVD risk: diets are more associated with eating disorders: review of meta analyses showing that meat is NOT harmful to our health (the article that cause a lot of controversy among the "non meat" folks: intake has no risk, as long as you have additional fruit, vegetables, and specifically fiber!: from Italy showing that meat intake REDUCED mortality risk: corporate ties within the nutrition industry: email from the "plant based" community to the Cheif Editor of the Annals of Internal Med: 10 foods consumed in the US: complaining about the 2019 studies regarding red meat and the lack of health risks associated:
Is a Plant Based Diet Healthy?!! DIET SERIES MATCHUP #1!! Vegan vs. Carnivore!
Mar 31 2024
Is a Plant Based Diet Healthy?!! DIET SERIES MATCHUP #1!! Vegan vs. Carnivore!
Tune in for part 1 of a science showdown between the Vegan diet and the Carnivore diet. In this episode, we explore all the research related to the vegan diet. We cover the benefits, risks, protein intake, dairy consumption, and A LOT MORE!! Next week we will do the same for the carnivore diet, and then pick a winner!REFERENCES:nitrogen balance study: vs milk protein effects on muscle protein synthesis: adaptation on a vegan diet with 1.6g/kg protein intake: from "you are what you eat" documentary: deficiency on a vegan diet: and dairy are NOT bad for you: and adequacy of the vegan diet. A systematic review: protein supplementation is not androgenic or estrogenic: Potential of Volatile Terpenes and Terpenoids from Forests for Inflammatory Diseases: of Vegetables and Fruit, Whole Grains, and Fiber in combination with meat, does not increase risk of cancer Over Meat Dietary Recommendations Raises Questions About Corporate Ties to Nutrition Scientists diets associated with eating disorder symptoms in women Immunomodulatory and Anti-Inflammatory Role of Polyphenols
LETS GET HOT! The health implication of SAUNA use with Dr. Luke!
Mar 23 2024
LETS GET HOT! The health implication of SAUNA use with Dr. Luke!
Kickback as we break down the science related to sauna utilization! Learn the incredible health implications that come from heat exposure. We discuss the beneficial effects of the dry sauna, infrared sauna, and hot tub. You’ll be amazed at the amount of positive (and he lack of negative) health outcomes that heat exposure can provide. After this episode you’ll have the knowledge on how to utilize the sauna to achieve your health goals!RESEARCH STUDY CITATIONS:Sauna improves soreness and muscle recovery - may help with pain - exposure improves sleep (when done 90 minutes prior to bed) - PRIOR to exercise results in an impairment in resistance training - improves mood, relaxation, sleep, etc - exposure is basically identical to exercise improves muscle protein synthesis - can improve endothelial function in people already at risk of coronary artery disease - sauna with exercise is better than doing wither on their own - of plasma endorphins, prolactin and catecholamines in women to intense heat in a sauna. improves cardiovascular and mortality risk in men. improves cardiovascular risk and mortality in women - single bout of sauna (30 minutes) improves blood pressure, arterial function, and other blood-based biomarkers - decreases the risk of Alzheimers and dementia - improves arterial function - increases immune cells and plasma/blood Volume - improves endurance performance - improves body composition and increases bone mineral density -