You Gave Up on Your Dream Career, Now What?

Your Confident Self

Jul 9 2019 • 14 mins

Let's talk about how you gave up on the dream career you want. Once you have given up, what are you supposed to do next? First, a little background. One of the most important things about hope is that it prevents you from giving up. You may be thinking, you haven’t given up on anything. Are you sure?I ended a recent podcast episode by saying one of the most important things about hope is that it prevents you from giving up. (If you need to learn the basics of the power of hope, be sure to go back and listen to (Episode 062).) I also pointed out that some people may have given up even though they aren't aware of it. In this week's episode I'll help you figure out:The different forms of giving up If you have given up What to do if you gave up but you're ready to try again Giving up can be disguised as: Making the best of the current situation instead of trying to make changes, i.e., telling yourself you really like staying where you are. Only showing up with 50% of yourself and 50%o f your potential, because that's good enough. (Protecting yourself by expecting less out of life), acting as if you will feel less disappointment if you expect less from your life. Sabotaging yourself from doing bigger things i.e., missing the deadline to apply for a job or educationa; opportunity. Wallowing in (self-doubt), playing the victim, so that giving up on your dream is not your fault. How to Move ForwardForget that you gave up on your dream career. Give yourself a little grace and forgive yourself for old decisions. When we know better, we do better. Invest 30-40 minutes in remembering what your dream was, adapting it to your current situation, and picking 2 action steps you can take to move toward the dream and giving yourself a deadline. You don't have to do this alone. If you have friends who are also living smaller than they are capable of, you could form a mastermind group or a sister circle and hold each other accountable for making changes. Today, not some day. Do I sound like this is urgent? Good, because it is. Show notes can be found at (