5 Reasons to Stop Caring if People Like You

Your Confident Self

Jun 30 2020 • 9 mins

Most of us are taught to be people pleasers from a very young age, so the idea that there are any benefits to be achieved if you stop caring if people like you is probably a new one for many of us. The biggest advantage is that it frees you to be your authentic self, shaking off the weight of society's expectations so that you can focus on creating your own unique destiny. There are actually many advantages to being disliked and unpopular. Here are just a few. Being True to Yourself Not Bowing to Peer or Parental Pressure Setting Your Own Goals Achieving Your Dreams Being Free from Meaningless Distractions You can find the full transcript and show notes at https://allegrasinclair.com/078 Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/allegrasinclair (https://twitter.com/allegrasinclair) Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/allegramsinclair (https://instagram.com/allegramsinclair)