Episode 21: Align Your Life With Your Values with Sergio Nazzaro

The Jerry & Jacobe Podcast

Mar 2 2021 • 52 mins

In episode 21 of the Jerry and Jacobe Podcast, hosts Jerry and Jacobe interview fellow realtor and friend from Denver, Sergio Nazzaro. Sergio learned some incredible life lessons from his time at the Air Force Academy with Jacobe. Though he has only been in the game for a short time, Sergio has already seen some incredible success!

Episode Highlights:

  • Jacobe and Sergio have known each other since their college days at the Air Force Academy.
  • Originally from New Jersey, Sergio moved from Houston to Colorado because his parents were deceived by a real estate agent.
  • After his deployment from Afghanistan, Sergio suffered from PTSD and felt lost about what he wanted to do.
  • In his junior year of high school, Sergio’s dad took him on a tour of the academy the week before Recognition, or hell week.
  • Though Sergio’s grandparents and great grandparents served in the military, his dad did not have that connection.
  • Sergio is incredibly grateful for his time at the academy and the opportunity to represent on the club hockey team.
  • In junior high, Sergio only made it through 4 weeks of football before quitting, but that gave him the fuel to stick with the Air Force.
  • Sergio has only been in real estate for 3 years and he is still trying to figure out what success looks like without sacrifice.
  • By looking back on the past year, which was his best so far, Sergio is able to see what actions and decisions are serving his life goals.
  • Your values can change as you grow older, so it’s important to recognize those and align your life with them.
  • Since they have met, Jerry has taken note of Sergio’s incredible work ethic and ability to shift from his hindering work habits.
  • Sergio’s morning routine makes him happy because he knows that it is making him a better person, but his business routine didn’t have the same motivations.
  • In the last year, Sergio recognized that his ego was feeding on his success, which caused his goals to be self-serving.
  • It took 8 months for Sergio to realize his parents were his true motivation for getting into real estate.
  • People have a tendency to think they want what others have achieved until they achieve it themselves and realize that it’s not right for them.
  • Jacobe noticed at their class reunion that Sergio’s face showed that things were not going well.
  • After following Jacobe’s advice to attend a coaching event, Sergio knew for a fact that his life had just changed and he had direction.
  • Thinking that his first year’s success was a fluke, Sergio was incredibly shocked to see that he doubled those numbers in his second year.
  • 4 months into his second year as a real estate agent, Sergio had a heart attack at only 34 years old.
  • Since Sergio’s first experience speaking on stage, he’s realized that talking about his struggles has greatly helped him get through.
  • Initially, Sergio was scared to talk about his heart attack because of a fear that he wouldn’t be around for much longer.
  • When Jerry first met Sergio, he had a totally different view of him because Sergio was very much a deer in the headlights at the event.
  • What motivates Sergio now that he has found success, is to be efficient in his business and be the best he can in all of his relationships.
  • Sergio has removed caffeine, alcohol, and relationships with people that suck the energy out of him from his life.
  • Once he became clear on the importance of deep relationships over superficial ones, it became easy for Sergio to decide who to keep in his life.
  • Jacobe has realized that he was never able to be fully truthful with others until he was truthful with himself.
  • That life mindset that so many people have that drives them to have nice things starts in high school and is only detrimental.
  • Some habits that have helped improve Sergio’s life are prioritizing recovery over workouts and journaling.
  • During survival training where he had to live in the woods for 10 days, Sergio sold his food for $400.

3 Key Points:

  1. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 took place during Sergio’s senior year of high school and solidified his desire to go to the Air Force Academy and serve his country.
  2. It’s inevitable that your values will change somewhat throughout your life, so it’s important to stay flexible and make sure that your life aligns with your core values.
  3. In 2019, Sergio’s 2nd year as an agent, he suffered a heart attack that derailed his success for 3 months, but he was able to battle through and double his numbers from 2018.

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