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Get ready to join the cannabis conversation with the Stay Fligh Podcast, where host Baby J. takes a deep dive into the ever-budding world of cannabis. From exploring strains to digging into cultivation methods, sifting through high-flying industry trends, and sharing personal highs within the blooming cannabis landscape, this podcast leaves no leaf unturned.

Tune into the Stay Fligh Podcast and roll up for a stash of engaging conversations that elevate your understanding of cannabis and its budding role in today's society. Hear from special guests in the Mississippi cannabis community as we hash out insights, puff-worthy anecdotes, and everything you need to know about the green revolution.

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EP #12: The Green Revolution - Evolving Cannabis Culture with Mid South Extracts
Mar 29 2024
EP #12: The Green Revolution - Evolving Cannabis Culture with Mid South Extracts
Send us a Text Message.Welcome to the Stay Fly Podcast, where we delve into the ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis industry. In this episode, we're joined by a true pioneer, Mr. Jason Smith, representing Mid South Extracts. With over three decades of experience in the cannabis space, Jason shares insights from his journey transitioning from the black market to the legal arena.We explore the profound shifts in product safety standards and regulatory frameworks that have accompanied the industry's legalization. From the wild west of unregulated cultivation to the meticulous processes of licensed production, Jason emphasizes the paramount importance of ensuring consumer safety and product quality.Diving into Mid South Extracts' innovative solutions, such as their cutting-edge pest management products, Jason highlights the critical role of advanced technologies in enhancing crop yields while prioritizing environmental and user safety. Beyond product efficacy, he underscores the economic benefits and ethical imperatives of adopting sustainable and responsible practices in cannabis cultivation.Join us as we navigate the complexities of cannabis entrepreneurship, discussing the challenges and triumphs of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry. Whether you're a seasoned cultivator or a curious consumer, this episode offers valuable insights into cannabis culture's past, present, and future. Stay tuned for a captivating discussion that promises to elevate your understanding of the green revolution.