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Welcome to Stranger Danger, a podcast covering every episode (in great detail) from all four seasons of the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things - and all the official books and comics too! Follow @GeekMentality on Twitter and Instagram and @StrangerDPod on Twitter! And now Stranger Danger Is On TikTok!

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Our Editor's Take

Stranger Danger - A Stranger Things Podcast is a show for enthusiastic lovers of the Netflix show. Mike began watching Stranger Things first season a year after it aired. He was feeling ill one day and wanted something to distract him. Once he pressed play, he found himself unable to stop. Mike didn't finish watching the series in one day because he didn't have enough hours to do so. At that point, Mike realized he had an addiction. He started this podcast to share that obsession with other fans. The host figured that others might like to listen if he wanted to dissect every minute of the TV show.

Stranger Danger episodes recap every piece of action and plot development. Mike explains what's happening on the screen as if he's watching it for the first time. He analyzes the dialog and the interactions between the characters. He searches for hidden messages and clues for what's to come later in the season. He also examines the background for things people may have missed during the first watch. Mike hopes to learn more about his favorite show through this extensive investigation. He studies the themes to determine where later seasons will lead.

The podcast host does more than watch the show. Mike reviews the teasers and trailers between seasons and provides his predictions. When there are no new episodes to discuss, he recaps books and comics in episodes named "Stranger Danger Book Club." Mike discusses the standalone comic Zombie Boys and reviews the novel Suspicious Minds. He also analyzes the comic mini-series Six and many other publications.

Stranger Danger - A Stranger Things Podcast can help listeners better understand this universe. It provides much more detail than what's available on the show. Mike also offers excellent insights into the plot, characters, and monsters.

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