Episode 049 - Why LinkedIn needs to be part of your 2023 strategy Laurie Macpherson

Audience Growth Podcast

Dec 23 2022 • 24 mins

On today’s episode I’m delighted to welcome Laurie Macpherson. Laurie is a Career Wing Woman, helping smart women over 40 to get jobs they love. As she’s grown her business, LinkedIn has become a huge part of it and Laurie has become a LI expert in her own right. Also joining me is Abi Sea who is co-hosting Adventures In Marketing on 9th February in Edinburgh with me.

Early bird tickets for Adventures In Marketing are available now so grab yours quick if you haven’t already and Abi & I will see you there!


Looking for some LinkedIn inspo? Follow Richard VanDerBlom, Lea Turner, Lewis Kemp and Samantha Harman.

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