Ray Williams on "Capitalizing" on Diversity | The CSE Podcast Ep7-S3

The Exchange for Entrepreneurs™ Podcast

Feb 24 2023 • 25 mins

On this week's show of the Exchange for Entrepreneurs Podcast we welcome Ray Williams to discuss  diversity, race, and social equity, and why these themes are critical on both a human and economic level.

Ray Williams is the Vice Chairman - Financial Markets at National Bank Financial and has a storied banking career that has spanned decades. We discuss the legacy he's working to achieve through National Bank and organizations like the Black Opportunity Fund and 100 Strong. Notably, this discussion provides a prompt for executives and investors alike to ask themselves the question of whether they're doing enough to investigate, encourage, and mentor talent from all backgrounds and to best position their firms with the best people that will bring their enterprises the greatest success.

Show Links:
Ray Williams - Rotman School of Management (utoronto.ca)
Black Opportunity Fund
100 Strong Foundation

Host: James Black
Producer: James Black
Guest: Ray Williams, ICD.D

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