Welcome You Beautiful Dummy!- Intro to the Show

What’re You Doing, You Beautiful Dummy?

Mar 13 2022 • 3 mins

Welcome to the show, you beautiful dummy! Just wanted to introduce ourselves! We're so glad you could join us for this deep dive into what we know best, failure! Jenni Stukin has seen a lot of it. And she’s sharing her experiences with you! “What’re You Doing, You Beautiful Dummy?” is a comedy podcast where, each episode Jenni, her producer Louis and an assortment of guests discuss how life doesn't always go according to plan. But that's okay! Make sure you subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts so you never miss a release. If you enjoy what you're hearing, make sure you comment to let us know what you think or just say hi. And if you're really loving the show, share it with your friends so we can all share in our failures, together! Because misery loves company and Jenni will bring wine and cookies!

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Thanks for tuning in! See you for our first episode on Monday April 4th!