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FY24 Q3 CHRO Dialogue with George Inasu, Smita Tharoor & Sriram S
Dec 21 2023
FY24 Q3 CHRO Dialogue with George Inasu, Smita Tharoor & Sriram S
At a recent, half-day India CHRO Forum meeting in Bangalore, IMA India had sessions on building a high-performance culture, and on identifying and managing unconscious bias - which can be a serious impediment in any business.Fidelity National Financial (FNF) India stands out within India’s fast-growing Global Capability Centre (GCC) space. It is one of the rare GCCs to have an independent P&L mandate – one that is supported by a high-performance culture that remains solidly employee-centric. This unique mix has allowed FNF to move steadily up the ranks on the Great Places to Work (GPTW) list. What does it take to build and sustain such a culture? How did HR and the CEO’s office work together to enable it? George Inasu, FNF India’s Managing Director and Country Head, answered these questions while tracing FNF’s unusual story. Unconscious biases are ingrained prejudices or attitudes that subtly influence a person’s perceptions, decisions and actions. Smita Tharoor, motivational keynote speaker and thought leader on the unconscious bias, and the founder of Tharoor Associates; and Sriram S., award winning Happiness@Work, author of ‘Happiness Habits’, certified life wisdom and unconscious bias coach and a featured speaker at TEDx, explored unconscious bias in daily life and workplaces and delved into manifestations and impacts in gender differences. They further uncovered its effects in work settings and discussed constructive management strategies to address and mitigate such biases effectively.This podcast summarises these discussions.