The 7 Anxiety Disruptors For Families: #6 Building Self Esteem

Flusterclux With Lynn Lyons: For Parents Who Worry

Aug 5 2022 • 31 mins

Anxiety makes us forget, and it’s particularly amnesiac to past successes. Helping kids work through fears and worries also includes showing them how to connect to their successes, feel masterful, and make worry less powerful when it arrives. In this episode, Lynn tells you how to build those all important reminder bridges to the past successes that anxiety wants them to forget. JOIN US IN ORLANDO FOR OUR FIRST FAMILY RETREAT Registration closes August 1st! This is our first retreat where you can bring the kids, too, and we’re hosting an incredible weekend at the Four Seasons Orlando September 30-October 2. In addition to two morning workshops with Lynn Lyons, you can expect an exclusive Disney party inside the theme parks, and the chance to relax at the country’s best family pool. The Four Seasons offers a complimentary kids club for ages 4 through 12. We’re over half sold, so register today! Rooms start at $459. There are only 3 private session with Lynn left! The private session is optional and in addition to two workshops. The private includes one hour consultations by phone before and after the retreat in addition to a private one hour consult with your family at the resort. THE LATEST ANXIETY MANAGEMENT COURSE FOR PARENTS! MANAGING ANXIETY IN CHILDREN: A GUIDE FOR PARENTS This self-paced course covers the core tools a family needs to manage their anxiety, the same principles Lynn teaches to families in her private practice. This course includes 6 video modules from Lynn Lyons, LICSW, and 9 additional Q&A videos from Lynn and Robin of Flusterclux. What you’ll get: Understand how anxiety works so that you can help manage your kids and your own. Learn what to say when anxiety shows up for you or your kids. For Kids: A special video that explains how anxiety works suitable for those ages 6 and up.  VISIT OUR SPONSORS FOR SPECIAL OFFERS JUST FOR YOU Join Thrive Market today and get eighty dollars in free groceries! As a listener of this podcast, you’ll get $100 off of your first month with Talkspace. To match with a licensed therapist today, go to Use the code FLUSTER to get $100 off of your first month. Escape the dreary dinnertime rut! Try EveryPlate for just $1.49 per meal by going to and entering code FLUSTER149. That’s up to a $110 value! You’ll also be able to unlock a special offer of a free Metabolic Greens with your purchase of Metabolic Reds. Just go to to start feeling great today! FOLLOW US Join the Facebook group to get news on the upcoming courses for parents, teens, and kids. Follow Flusterclux on Facebook and Instagram. Follow Lynn Lyons on Twitter and Youtube. New episodes arrive Friday at 5:00AM EST. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit