Black Wall Street and “The True Story of Oklahoma Black Towns”

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Feb 25 2022 • 1 hr 13 mins

“Black history should not be a mystery,” says Dr. Trina Jackson. Even though Black Americans have played a crucial role in the development of our country, their accomplishments are purposefully left out of history. In today’s episode, DJ D-Rich is joined in conversation with a panel of expert historians to take a deep dive behind Historical Black Towns and their role in American history.

While Oklahoma used to be home to over 50 Historical Black Towns, only 13 remain today. As these important towns continue to decrease, more history is lost. Even though Black Wall Street was the original Wall Street, most American’s aren’t aware of its existence at all. To preserve Black History and culture, we must focus on spreading awareness, advocating for open educational resources, and economically developing the remaining Black towns.

Tune into this week’s episode of Southern Soul Live Stream for an in-depth conversation behind Historical Black Towns. Learn more about the real story behind Black Wall Street, ways we can restore culture in Black towns, and why we must continue to be truth-tellers that advocate for Black History so that one day our ancestors will be fairly honored for their contributions to American history.


• “Oklahoma was once home to over 50 Black towns. Now, barely 13 remain.” (02:09-02:18 | DJ D-Rich)

• “The government and other individuals tried to economically choke those thriving Black towns.” (07:21-07:30 | Dr. Daryl Green)

• “Black history should not be a mystery.” (15:25-15:27 | Dr. Trina Jackson)

• “Black Wall Street was the original Wall Street. But unfortunately, we have to assign color to all the amazing things that we have done.” (15:39-15:49 | Dr. Trina Jackson)

• “It's very important for all of us to share our history because we are truth-tellers.” (16:13-16:18 | Dr. Trina Jackson)

• “I don't know why we had to wait 100 years, but in 2021, the United States actually recognized the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre.” (17:04-17:14 | Dr. Trina Jackson)

• “There are Black towns scattered all throughout the United States right underneath our noses. Towns that we don’t even know about.” (27:19-27:29 | DJ D-Rich)

• “We have to tell our stories. We cannot sit back and wait for others to do something.” (1:08:13-1:08:17 | Sandra Taitt-Eaddy)


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