”Hot Shot Trucking” with De Shola Spencer and Guests

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May 5 2022 • 1 hr 45 mins

“Trucking is where it's at right now,” shares De Shola Spencer, teacher and serial entrepreneur with 17 years of experience. In today’s episode host D-Rich sits down with guest De Shola Spencer and others to talk about the money-making opportunities in Hot Shot Trucking.

When people think about trucking, they usually think of the big 18 wheelers and box trucks. Many people do not realize that they can be a trucker without a CDL license. There are big opportunities for earning money in trucking, especially if you do the proper research first. De Shola works as a dispatcher that helps truckers to maximize their loads and use the best routes. Even if you just have a basic pick up truck and a small trailer, it is possible to make good money in the industry.

Join De Shola Spencer and host D-Rich on this week’s episode of Southern Soul Live Stream - Podshow to learn more about Hot Shot Trucking, the opportunities available in the trucking industry, and what it takes to maximize your money as a trucker.


• “If you have a niche, and then you see the opportunity there, you just have to go for it. I do believe in being patient. But I also feel that if there is an opportunity, you need to make it happen because someone else is going to make it happen otherwise.” (49:42-49:59)

• “Every time someone thinks about trucking, they automatically think about 18-wheelers, CDL drivers, box truck drivers. They don't think about the fact that someone who doesn’t have a CDL can also benefit from being in this industry.” (52:32-52:47)

• “Factoring for truckers allows them to get paid within 24 hours. Which is a big thing especially when you have to pay for things like gas, hotels, and all the other things associated with being a trucker.” (57:29-57:41)

• “Trucking is where it's at right now. Some things that you need to know when you're booking loads for a person, is how to maximize that trailer. If you get a load that's five feet, and it's only 1000 pounds, and you can carry 7400 pounds, then we need to find more to go on that truck on that trailer because you're trying to maximize all of your loads. You have to be able to route and you have to have critical thinking skills.” (1:10:59-1:11:31)


Connect with episode guests:

De Shola Spencer, Hot Shot Trucking - https://www.southernsoulthursdays.com/

Yvette Freeman, The Envoy Magazine - https://www.theenvoyguide.com/

Vanessa Butler, Lady Vwb Nature - https://www.ladyvwbnature.com/

Dr. Daryl Green, Nu Leadership Revolution Blog - https://nuleadership.com/tag/dr-daryl-green/

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