Unpleasant Dreams

Cassandra Harold with Jim Harold Media

Chilling stories told by Cassandra Harold. Season 3 brings a format change with classic frightening fiction as the focus. Prior topics include strange and anomalous phenomena, mind benders, head scratchers and mysterious true crime cases. read less

Our Editor's Take

Unpleasant Dreams is a podcast about the supernatural. Host Cassandra Harold narrates true stories of poltergeists and the dead. She also explores true crime mysteries and unexplained curiosities. The third season features classic tales of terror read in the style of an audiobook. The team behind The Paranormal Podcast and Jim Harold's Campfire produces this show.

Each episode of Unpleasant Dreams offers a disturbing story. Some are fact and others are fiction. Some remain a mystery today. Cassandra discusses phenomena like the Dyatlov Pass incident and the Georgia Guidestones. Historical hauntings are the focus of several episodes, such as the Bell Witch.

After two seasons of real-world paranormal topics, the podcast moved into fiction. Cassandra reads British classics like Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven and The Fall of the House of Usher. There are also stories from American authors like Robert W. Chambers. For episodes featuring works of fiction, the show notes link to a free online version of the story. Full transcripts are also available for episodes covering true stories.

Cassandra's voice talents add a captivating tone to the podcast. Along with her skillful narration, the musical score provides an ominous tension. While Cassandra does some of the writing, EM Hilker is the primary scribe for the show. EM is a journalist and novelist with a lifelong love of all things paranormal.

Fans of the podcast enjoy the extensive research behind each true story. Unpleasant Dreams offers a well-written overview of these eerie tales. The result is a show that's both informative and terrifying. Listeners may have heard some of the better-known cases like the Donner Party. Others are more obscure but intriguing all the same. New episodes of the podcast arrive every month.

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