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Fresh Expressions believes any church can reach people who are not yet part of any church. This podcast unravels the complexities of today's local mission field and introduces resources from pastors, practitioners and historic movements adept at proclaiming the Good News inside and outside the inherited Church.

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Feb 19 2022
34 seconds
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The church in Europe has been declining for decades. But at the same time, a hopeful new movement that inspires everyday Christians to start their own faith communities. In this episode, you’ll discover what kind of church flourishes in today’s world.Dave Male is presently Director of Evangelism and Discipleship for the Church of England based in Church House, Westminster. He leads a large team which aims to equip every worshipper in the Church of England to be able to articulate their faith and live it out in the whole of their lives as well as developing many new fresh expressions of church across the whole of England and releasing 1000 new evangelists. Dave spent ten years starting and leading the Net Church in Huddersfield which was one of the first fresh expressions of church in the UK. His latest book ‘How to Pioneer, even if you haven’t a clue’ has been made recently into a course which helps small groups of people to begin new communities.Sabine Sramek is a sociologist by training and has served on the German Fresh Expressions Team since 2014 where she directs the internship program and outreach to young adults. She and her husband Ingo are the proud parents of Johanna. They live in Tübingen, near Stuttgart (South Germany).  She enjoys reading, horse riding, and traveling. Her favorite books include Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Novels and almost anything by N.T. Wright.You can hear more from Dave Male by registering for the 2022 Fresh Expressions Gathering at http://freshexpressionsus.org/remission.
Mar 16 2022
1 hr 11 mins
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