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For years we’ve had discussions behind closed doors, on the road, in meetings, and in hotel rooms that extend well beyond supplements. Well, it’s time to turn the mic on and hit record. Wilderness Athlete is far more than an outdoor nutrition company, it’s a way of life that’s personified by the complex personalities who are pulled by a spirit of rugged individualism, self-reliance, and the unknowns of wild places. Filled with adventure, wisdom, education, and humor, we’re going to bring you insightful dialogue with the rugged people who call themselves Wilderness Athletes.

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"Euro Style" with Kevin and Pedro Ampuero
"Euro Style" with Kevin and Pedro Ampuero"Wake Up Call" - With Kevin and Willi SchmidtSQUID GAINZ – Kevin Guillen, KOB, Pedram, and Levi“The Bird Dog Vet” with Kevin and Dr. Seth BynumCatching up with Remi Warren - Remi Warren, Chris Denham and Kevin Guillen“Fit For Life” - Matt Hewett, Kevin GuillenBrush With Death - Tana Grenda, Trevor Schneider, Kevin Guillen.Off the Grid - Tana GrendaTaking Back Control During The Pandemic - Carla Denham, Courtney Denham, Kevin Guillen1,000 miles and -40º below 0 - Ryne Olson, Kevin GuillenWhere My Dogs At? - Tony Peterson, Kevin GuillenThe Western Hunter Himself - Chris Denham, Kevin Guillen, Courtney DenhamMark Denham, Courtney Denham, Kevin Guillen - Youth at the Helm of OutdoorsmansEpisode 9 - Svalinn - Bred to Love. Trained to Protect. Kim Greene, Kevin Guillen, Courtney DenhamEpisode 8 - Frick & Frack Visit AZ with Todd Harney, Ben Britton, Kevin Guillen, & Courtney DenhamEpisode 7 - The Aging Athlete with Chris Denham, Mark Paulsen, and Kevin GuillenEpisode 6 - Josh Kirchner & Kevin Guillen - Becoming a Backpack HunterEpisode 5 - Kristy Titus and Kevin GuillenEpisode 4 - Growing Up Feral with Mark Paulsen and Chris DenhamEpisode 3 - Remi Warren - Heavy Pack Outs & Staying Wild Through COVID-19