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Hey, I'm Mary! A muse of many mediums. You'll notice that a few things are different looking about this little podcast. (formerly known as Sex Work for the Soul) Well, dear listener. I am rebranding my business. It has been a year of transformation- and I'm excited to get back into all things, sensual, spiritual & self growth with you soon! Enjoy last season's episodes of our first rendition, "Sex Work for the Soul." Next season will be "Musings with Mary," and I can't wait! I'll be in touch xoxo

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Power of Pleasure
Jan 17 2023
Power of Pleasure
Pleasure isn't all about sex- but it certainly can be found there. You'd be surprised how much pleasure we can find in daily life. A huge part of being human is about taking in the wonders of the world around us, and finding pleasure within the small things. Listen to this episode to get my take into how we can connect sensually with the world around us, in order to create a more intentionally joyful life.If you're interested in exploring self pleasure & starting on your own sex magick journey, check out my website for a freebie on sensual connection with, maryQuote on Pleasure by Adrienne Maree Brown (Yes Magazine): on the Benefits of the Orgasm: Website: xoxomarysue.comIntro/Outro Music by: PodzillaProductions (website)