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Soul Awakened Leaders are courageous innovators and pioneers who embody a deep knowing of our interconnectedness and operate from a mindset of cocreation in service to all of life. They surrender their lives completely to a higher organizing principle that is leading them beyond separation and competition and opens up the potential for an entirely new way of being on this planet in a time of metamorphosis. In this podcast, I share cutting-edge perspectives and invite these leaders of leaders who don’t create followers but inspire others to step into their essence and divine nature. read less


Tantric Spaces: Microcosms & Mirrors for Life - with Rainer Trost
Dec 9 2023
Tantric Spaces: Microcosms & Mirrors for Life - with Rainer Trost
In this episode, I am in conversation with… RAINER TROST Rainer is not only one of my best friends and allies on the path, but also one of the most radical, courageous and unconventional human beings I know. I admire how deeply he trusts his intuition, his inner guidance and truth, even if it completely contradicts what others perceive and will hold as acceptable. He dare to go to the edges of human experience and like few other people carve out the polarities and contradictions of the human game. And he has also committed himself to one of the - if not the biggest - taboo topics in our society: sexuality. The reason why I wanted to record this conversation with him is that I see both of us aligning towards a shared vision but coming from very different angles. Where I come from Soul Awakened Leadership, he comes from sexuality and the tantric spaces he creates as a path to the divine If you want to connect with Rainer, you can find him on Facebook. Enjoy this conversation! CONTENT & TIMESTAMPS 01:48 - Exploring Intuition, Sexuality, and Personal Growth 05:21 - The Connection Between Spirituality and Sexuality 08:46 - The Source and Meaning of Life 18:58 - Unleashing Natural Sexual Competence 24:09 - Intuition and Guiding Others Through Resistance 30:02 - Harnessing the Soul's Transformative Power 43:10 - Empowering Liberation From Capitalism and Materialism 51:21 - The Power and Potential of Connection 58:17 - The Illusory Nature of Reality 01:03:56 - Tantric Practices for Transcendence and Unity --- Here are 3 more ways to listen to the calling from deep within and shift your life to the next level: Join Soul Awakening - Authenticity, Leadership & Purpose - In addition to the online course, I will guide you in weekly 1:1 sessions for 3 months.Create your Customized Leadership Retreat in Costa Rica - Together we will craft a transformative journey from 2 to 5 days, tailor-made for your needs and vision. Book a Life Transformation Session - For 2 hours, you can ask me anything and I will mess with your thinking to see possibilities and bring clarity to your life.Participate in my free bi-weekly Soul Alignment - Leadership in Service to Life calls in the Beyond Community  --- Send in a voice message: