Thriving Beyond the Fairway: Jana Peterkova Richter's Journey to becoming an LPGA Golf Professional and Achieving Continued Success

The Joy In Goal Setting

Nov 9 2023 • 42 mins

Step into a world of unwavering focus and mental fortitude as we hear Jana's remarkable journey where she hurdled obstacles and life-altering challenges as she continued to pursue her dream of moving to America and competing on the LPGA Futures Tour. Learn from Jana's experience as she forged new aspirations, and unearthed an inner drive that propels her forward. This intimate conversation highlights a determined athlete who demonstrates how to navigate the intricate balance between career, physical and mental stamina, and personal fulfillment. Jana's story provides inspiration and insights into what it means to never give up, and to continuously find that motivation to chase your dreams.

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This episode was hosted by Hutson Dodds, executively produced and edited by EVRYBDY Studios.

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